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Private International Law concerns French nationals living abroad as much as foreign nationals living in France, and it can be full of surprises.

Maitre LAIDET’s firm can assist you with the following situations:

  • you are a binational couple and have been residents in one country or multiple countries;
  • you got married without determining an applicable matrimonial regime;
  • you are considering anticipated inheritance and you have property in France and abroad.

The following questions may arise:

  • which law applies to your matrimonial scheme?
  • Which law will apply when getting divorced?
  • In the event of a death, which law applies? Which taxation rules will be applicable?
  • When a will is made in France, can it concern property located abroad?

These issues can be analysed and planned for in advance in order to assist you as well as possible and to enable you to control the situations and avoid bad surprises.

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